Our Wonderful Answered Prayer!

A few months after God took Tyler home, we went to see a doctor to check if i was ready to try and conceive again. After some tests, the doctor told me that it may be difficult for me to conceive again naturally and would need medications and injections to be able to have another baby.  But i knew God is greater than any medical limitation.  Our church prayed with us every week that God would bless us with another baby in His perfect time.  And today, after only 2 months of trying to conceive, I am happy to share with you another answered prayer.  I am now 6 months pregnant with our 2nd baby...and for some icing on the cake - we are having another baby boy :)

I am claiming God's promise through Achi Rubi that this baby will be full of joy.  And we are truly excited to  meet God's wonderful blessing for us next year.

[Blogged on November 28, 2007]

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