God's Promise After the Storm

It's amazing how time flies.

Yesterday, Tyler would have been 2 years old. Dens and I wanted to make it special so we decided to bring Troy to visit Tyler's resting place for the first time. I took the afternoon off from work…bought a balloon for Troy to give his Ahia Tyler…and reminded papa to bring scotch tape. But all those preparation were very minor to what God has been preparing for us.

Just like the story of Noah’s Ark, I have always thought of Troy as our rainbow. He is God’s promise to us after the storm. When we lost Tyler, God sent us a promise through Achi Rubi that the next baby will be ‘full of joy’…and indeed he is.

Yesterday, when we got to Christ the King, I was amazed at what I saw…a beautiful rainbow across the sky.  I took a picture using my cellphone but it does not justify the magnificent image that God has surprised us with.

God never fails to amaze us with his love, power and sense of humor. He takes time to do the little things that will put a smile on our faces and remind us that His plan is perfect.

Thank you, Lord, for your wonderful surprise!

[Blogged on Oct 7, 2008]

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