35 weeks and ready to pop!

3 more weeks to go till i deliver baby Troy! I can't wait!!! It's always the last few weeks before the due date that gets me so restless. i have feelings of restlessness mixed with lots of excitement and a bit of anxiety.  I know i have to stop worrying and start trusting God full time...i am still learning but am getting there.

Unlike my first pregnancy, i feel so unprepared this time. I guess i have been so complacent that i already have all the baby things i need so i did not do a baby things' checklist and inventory anymore.

With my first pregnancy, i had a yaya at 5 months...the baby things were completed during my 7th month...and all the clothes were washed on my 8th month.  I am now entering my 9th month and have zero accomplishment! I have somehow prepared my timetable already though...yaya is arriving this Sunday...we will start washing all the baby's clothes next week...set up crib the weekend after and pack my hospital bag afterwards.

It has been an exciting 9 months but i'm sure what lies ahead will be more rewarding.  My next post would probably be after i give birth.  Please help us pray for a very healthy and normal baby boy.

"Have faith that whatever you ask for in prayer is already granted you, and you will find that it will be." - March 11:24

[Blogged on February 15, 2008]

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