Only Girl

Ever since i was born, there has only been one man in my life - and that's my father.  A lot of people would always say that my dad is the only rose among the thorns...he is always accompanied by four ladies (my mom, my two sisters, and me) wherever we go.  Our family is very much dominated by females...from my aunts to my cousins, the ratio is definitely in favor of the women.

Having been blessed with three daughters, my mom is also just learning the art of caring for a baby of the opposite sex.  One of the most challenging things that my mom and i have learned with boys is the unexpected pee-ing (or more like 'spray-ing') during diaper changes.  I guess this does not happen with baby girls.  Am sure other moms with baby boys would be able to relate to this.  I have since received good tips from my cousins on how to avoid similar 'accidents'.

This morning, as i was about to leave for the office, i stopped and looked at my husband and son who were still very much asleep.  I then realized that contrary to our set up before, i have now become the only girl in this family.  My mind immediately started thinking of instances wherein i will need to be alone when the three of us would go out - like going to the ladies' dressing room after a swim or simply whenever there is a separate area for men and women.  This is new to me as i have always had my mom or at least one of my sisters go with me whenever we'd go out as a family.  But then i guess it's nice to be independent once in a while.  So until we are blessed with a baby girl, i will enjoy my new role as the only rose among the thorns.

[Blogged June 6, 2008]

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