God's Precious Gift to Us

Troy is finally out! Today, March 21, is actually my due date but we had to schedule the c-section earlier so that i don't go into labor prior to the operation.  We decided on March 7 since it was a Friday and we wanted to spend the weekend in the hospital so that our family and friends would also be there to stay with us.

I had the usual anxieties of a pregnant woman plus some more...will the baby be healthy and normal? will i hear him cry once he comes out of my womb? will i be able to recover easily after the operation? will i be able to recover at all?!?...Dens and i checked in the hospital the day before the operation.  We asked my doctor for a day pass so that i can go home and have dinner with my family before the big day.  We went back to the hospital around 8pm and counted each hour until my scheduled c-section the next day at 7am.  As expected, i was not able to sleep the entire night.

The nurses came in at 5am to prep me for the operation.  My parents arrived shortly after since my mom was going in the operation room with me (that was one of my non-negotiable requests).  I was wheeled into the operating room at 6:15am.  They started the operation at exactly 7am.  I was wide awake the whole time and mommy was busy taking pictures.  Troy came out at exactly 7:21am weighing a healthy 6.7lbs.  I could hear him crying while they were cleaning him - it was the most beautiful sound i have ever heard.

I was able to carry Troy for the first time the day after the operation.  The nurses at the nursery were just as excited when they saw a baby with our last name.  One of the nurses told me that the moment they saw Troy, they knew he was the brother of Tyler as they looked so much alike.  They were just as happy for us.

Troy turns 2 weeks today.  It has been 2 weeks of sleepless nights of feeding and diaper changes...and we're loving every second of it! Troy is God's promise to us that came true on March 7, 2008.

[Blogged on March 21, 2008]

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