Dawn is here

After we had Troy, Dens and I agreed that we'll start trying for baby#3 when Troy turns 2. On his 2nd birthday, I received a text message from our pastor's wife, Achi Rubi, that when she prayed for Troy that morning, she had a vision of me carrying a baby girl with curly hair in the church. I was so happy and thought what a nice confirmation it was from the Lord that we'll soon get our request.

3 months later, I got pregnant and we were almost certain that am carrying our first baby girl. 5 months into the pregnancy and the OB sonologist confirmed from an ultrasound that we are indeed having a girl.

It was so hard to control myself from over-purchasing cute baby girls' clothes! Little girls are waaaay more fun to dress up than little boys. I very excited whenever we would go to stores and see nice little pink and white dresses for Dawn.

What's in a name? We had such a hard time deciding what to name our baby girl all throughout the pregnancy. We did a lot of baby name polls (and I mean A LOT!) through various sites and social media channels. The amount of suggestions were crazy but we remained unsettled.
The Sunday before I was scheduled to deliver, I was in church and I prayed for God to help us decide on our baby girl's name. We already had a few names in mind, and Dawn was one of them, but we wanted a confirmation from the Lord. So that morning while Pastor Garvic was giving the message, I prayed and asked the Lord to speak to me through His word. Then Pastor Garvic asked us to read Song of Songs chapter 6. So I did...and God's answer came in quick.  I was amazed.

Song of Songs 6: 9-10
"...my perfect one is unique, the only daughter of her mother, the favorite of the one who bore her.  The maidens saw her and called her blessed; the queens and concubines praised her.  Who is this that appears like the Dawn, fair as the mood, bright as the sun, majestic as the stars in pocession?"

So Dawn it is. We loved it!

While I was still in the operating room, I heard the nurses say the baby only weighed 4.13lbs. I was a bit concerned because Tyler weighed exactly 4.13lbs! The only difference then was that Dawn gave out a really loud cry, even louder than Troy if my memory serves me right, while Tyler did not. Other than the fact that she was really tiny, she was perfect.
But due to her small size, our pediatrician requested that we get a cranial ultrasound to check her brain development when she turned 4 months. So four months later, we did the ultrasound and it confirmed that Dawn is a perfectly healthy little baby. She was happy all throughout the procedure. There were no tears.  God continues to amaze me.

Dawn just turned 6 months and has started to take in solid food last week. She is loving it like how Troy enjoys his meals.

On days when things doesn't seem to go so well, I think of how much God has been with us thus far...and I know we will be all right. God is good.

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