Babalik Ka Rin

All mommies out there will surely agree with me when I say being away from your baby (and i am not just talking about going out for the day) is one of the most difficult things to do. 

Last week, i had to fly to New York for a business trip for a week. It was 6 whole days without Troy. It was my first time to be apart from him longer than only a few hours. The days prior to my trip, i was already getting anxious about leaving him. I knew i was going to miss him terribly and was worried about a thousand things plus one. My concerns ran from whether Troy will have enough milk while i am away (since i am still breastfeeding him exclusively) to 'will he still remember me when i return?' 

The morning of my trip came. I was scheduled to leave for the airport at 3:00am since my flight was at 6:15am. Troy woke up at 2:30am asking for his midnight feeding. I started crying while feeding him.  Troy just stared at me...and then he smiled.  And i cried even more! As expected, I cried all the way to the airport.

I got back last August 5 at 10:35pm. Dens brought Troy to pick me up from the airport. I was overcome with joy when i saw Troy for the first time. This time it was happy tears. I felt like a balikbayan who has been away from his family for several years. Those who saw me at the airport may not believe that i was only away for 6 days. I felt ridiculous but happy.

I thought back about my trip and realized the amount of sacrifice some people have to make in order to make a living for their family. After my trip, i can say that I have a whole new respect for all our overseas workers who spend years out of the country just to make sure their children have good food on the table and can finish their education. I admire your courage. So here's to all the daddy and mommy overseas contract workers out there - may your trips be fruitful and may your children fully appreciate all that you are doing for them! 

I have 2 more business trips coming up next month. It does not even closely compare to the trips the overseas contract workers have to make but they are still difficult ones for me. They say the first trip away from your baby is always the most difficult...i hope that is true. Although, as anyone who knows me well would agree - i expect to still have 'dramatic' crying episodes whenever i have to leave my son at home...whether it be the first trip away or the 100th one.

[Blogged on August 11, 2008]

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