God's Quick Turnaround

I love Christmases! This may somehow be attributed to the fact that I am a December baby plus all the wonderful Christmas memories i've had growing up.  I've always looked forward to the holiday season year after year.

Last 2006 was a bit different for me.  2 weeks before Christmas (4 days before my birthday), i lost my first baby.  I remember thinking that Christmas will never be the same for me anymore. It will always be filled with painful memories of losing our baby Tyler and how much i had looked forward to spending his first Christmas with him that year.

God surely knows my heart and how much i want to enjoy Christmases again with my family.  This Christmas (2007) has been one of the happiest of all time.  Being 7 months pregnant with our 2nd baby has been wonderful.  The excitement of seeing him in a few months simply overwhelms me and fills me with so much joy.  I can now happily go inside baby stores and not feel so sad anymore.  Such a turnaround from how i thought my next Christmas would be.

God is truly good and He has once again proven how much he loves us.  He indeed makes everything beautiful in His perfect time. :)

Have a blessed 2008!

[Blogged on January 2, 2008]

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