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As a working mom, there are days when i miss Troy terribly and just feel like rushing home to be with him. I've always felt that spending less than half a day with him every weekday is just not enough. It does not help that i also have to fly ever so often on some unavoidable business trips and spend more days away from him. 

On my first business trip away from him on July of 2008 (Troy was 4 months old then), i decided to start a tradition of writing letters to Troy (and my future children) whenever i feel like being with them but can't do so physically. My first letter was written in the plane on my way to the US. I have since then started writing letters quite regularly and would like to share these letters to my children when they grow up. There are long letters and there are shorter ones, depending on how much time i had.

I'd like to share the quick letter i wrote to Troy early this morning. May this inspire you to do the same with your children. They are small now and may not remember all the things you do for them.  But writing them now would allow them to realize when they grow up just how loved they always were.

Here's to all little children -- you are so loved!

My dearest anak,
I just want to stop and say I love you very much. I am now working and cannot help thinking about you. I love you so very much and I miss you already. I am so excited to see you later when I get home.
You always make me laugh with your little antiques, anak. I love your smile and I love the way you carry around your little yellow SPONGEBOB pail with all your animals inside…and I especially love your little ritual of lining them up every night before we go to sleep. You make mommy very happy.
I love you more than you know!

[Blogged on April 30, 2010]

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