The Past 16 Months

It’s been over a year since I last blogged. So this post is to update you on what’s you’ve missed the past 16 months.

ü  We now have a baby girl!!! Dawn was born on February 22 of this year weighing a tiny 4.13lbs.
ü  Had a horrific experience of having my stitches open again after having my 3rd c-section. It finally closed after several torturous wound-cleaning visits to my OB. I always say I have a pretty high tolerance for pain and had always been proud that am easily up and about after my the pain of having my wound re-open was probably my true ‘birthing pain’ experience.
ü  Troy started going to school last year and he has been enjoying it! We had about 5 days of crying due to separation anxiety but after that, it was pretty nice and easy. He easily made new friends in school and has been loving after-school playground time A LOT! Removing playground time became the most effective punishment last year.
ü  In line with starting school, I am now a full-time tutor to Troy. My husband, Dens, and I have been spending at least 30 mins daily to help Troy with his homework. It’s been crazy fun – a lot of trial & error on tutoring styles along the way.
ü  Travel! Travel! Travel! Boracay, Davao, Japan, Australia, China…you can see my contribution in manilamommy’s post on my tips for travelling with a baby/toddler .  This year has been an even greater challenge travelling with 2 kids in tow. Dawn has been to Boracay and Davao and will soon have her first trip abroad in 2 months.
ü  I’m once again breastfeeding and aiming for 2 years this time. I breastfed Troy for exactly a year and 8 months before and I am hoping I can do the additional 4-month stretch with Dawn.

So that’s where we left off and this is where our story begins…

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