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I love shopping from Amazon and Sephora. The thing is, I usually have to fill an entire balikbayan box to make it more economical to ship my goods all the way to the Philippines. It's ideal if I am truly intending to ship a number of things that are bulky and heavy, but not so much for one or two small items, especially if I am trying to meet a tight timeline.  Enter Kango Express.

I learned about Kango Express from Rowena's blog.  I have been eyeing this facial toner from Amazon and was not really planning on purchasing anything else, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to test the services of Kango Express.
I went to the site ( and registered for an account. It's very easy to follow, just put in the necessary information and click on submit.
They will then assign you to a US and UK shipping address.  These addresses are what you will be using when shopping online. 

Then you start shopping.  It's that simple!  You don't even need to inform Kango beforehand that you will be sending anything their way. 
I ordered the facial toner from Amazon on January 27 and had it delivered to my US Kango address. I then received a confirmation from Kango Express on February 4 that they have received my package from Amazon. They have asked me to put in a detailed packing list which is basically a description and the price of the item I ordered. Not sure if this is something you can enter before the package arrives to avoid delay.
Anyway, Kango confirmed on the same day, just a few seconds after I submitted the packing list,  that my package was already scheduled for delivery. Two days later, they advised me that it was on its way to the Philippines. Yay!
Now at any time during this stage, you may submit your payment via the Kango Express website. The facial toner I ordered measured 7.8 x 4 x 1 inches and weighted 1.2 lbs. The shipping from Kango cost me US$18.60 which is less than a thousand pesos. The facial toner costs around P20k in the Philippines as opposed to only P9k+ from Amazon. Adding the P1k shipping fee from Kango Express, I still saved a good 50% compared to the local rates.
The package finally arrived on February 11. This is exactly 15 days from the time I ordered it from Amazon and only 7 days from the time Kango received the package from them. I am pretty impressed!   
The item arrived in very good condition. They even had an inflated PolyAir for the extra space in the box. This is to ensure the contents are tightly secured during transit.
I am now thinking of ordering some small items from Sephora. I hope my experience will be consistently pleasant. Do try it out and let me know what you think.
Kango Express
RAF International Forwarding Phils Inc
+632 820 2920 to 25

Au –   – (May 9, 2016 at 2:51 PM)  

Hello! So you just paid Kango’s shipping fee and that’s it? No more local duties, VAT, and whatnot?

Tiffany  – (May 10, 2016 at 5:07 PM)  

Yes! :) no more local taxes and duties.

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