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I woke up this morning with Dawn sleeping soundly beside me.  I looked at the time and saw that i still have a few more minutes to spare before my alarm clock goes off.  As i was about to go back to sleep, i was surprised to see Dens and Troy already awake and reading Troy's children's bible. My surprise was not so much that they were reading the bible together, it was more because they were up extra early. If you know my husband well, you will know that sleep is oh-so-precious to him. That is why i appreciate him so much more when i saw that he took the effort to wake up early to have this special time with Troy.

Dens started their daily bible reading around 3 months ago.  Troy enjoys the stories and the time with his dad. He looks forward to it when he wakes up and makes sure the bible is on Dens' bedside before we go to sleep at night. On some nights, Troy would request for Dens to also read the bible to him before going to bed. In effect, he has two devotional time with the Lord in a day! That's double the quota i've set for myself during my 21-day challenge!

They have finished the entire children's bible and are just reviewing their favorite stories now. We have been using My First Bible from Good Books.  It has a lot of colorful illustration and the stories are simplified to make it easier for children to understand. There are a lot of children's bibles out there. Go to the bookstore with your child and have them pick out their favorite. We just might do that again with Troy soon.

Psalm 119:133 "Direct my steps by Your word"

Tina Ong  – (June 28, 2013 at 11:56 AM)  

That's so sweet and intentional of your husband. In my house, it's a mad dash for everyone in the morning as we try to make the kids leave by 6:15 otherwise they get stuck in traffic. But we set aside time for family devotions once a week, usually on Friday, and just say a short prayer each night.

Tiffany  – (July 3, 2013 at 11:34 AM)  

Hey Tina! Leave the house by 6:15am? That's tough! Once a week is good :) What's important is consistency because it's really hard to sustain the activity sometimes.

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