I Want to be a Supermodel!

I became a model in 2008...

...the moment I gave birth to Troy. I am not talking about the ramp or commercial kind, but the kind that all moms aspire to be the best at.

Before every bedtime, Dens and i would pray together with the kids. Troy would always pray first, followed by Dens and me.  I would always pray that Troy would grow up to be a good boy and that God would help Dens and me become good parents to our children. 

Last Saturday, while Dens and i were getting ready to sleep, Troy and Dawn were still busy tinkering and playing with our things in the bedroom. Dawn wanted to get something from our night table but Troy was blocking her way. Then Dawn said 'Ahia, go away'. I don't think she meant to be rude.  At 2 years old, she is still learning to choose her words wisely. But then again, we still needed to correct her.   I immediately called her attention and asked her to say 'excuse me' next time instead of 'go away'. After that, Troy asked me if he can also talk to Dawn himself. I said yes.  He brought Dawn to sit with him behind Dawn's crib (just as i would bring him to an isolated place when i needed to scold him) and talked to her.

I could hardly see them through the wooden bars of the crib but i can hear their conversation clearly.

Troy: "Dawn, next time don't say 'go away' to Ahia, okay?"
Dawn: "Okay"
Troy: "That's not so nice eh. Do you want Ahia to get angry?"
Dawn: "No"
Troy: "Next time, just say excuse me na lang.
Dawn: "Okay"
Troy: "What should you say to Ahia?"
Dawn: "Sorry, Ahia"

Dawn goes over and embraces Troy. Troy immediately kissed Dawn on the head and said "Ahia loves you naman. Ahia just wants you to be a good girl"

Before we slept that night, Troy's prayer included "Lord, I pray that Dawn will grow up to be a good girl. Please also help us so that we can help Dawn become a good girl"

I've read countless discipline books and applied a number of tips that i've learned from friends and families. But one thing that has always proved to be most important is to be a good role model to our kids. They really learn from us whether we like it or not. They take in the good with the bad.

I am far from perfect and i am learning to be a better person every single day.  My prayer is that i will be a supermodel to my kids. That if they eventually end up to be like me, I can confidently say 'It is well with me.'

Are you a supermodel?

Anonymous –   – (June 17, 2013 at 11:29 AM)  

Wow Tiffany! From your stories, your kids are really nice and good- hearted. :) I applaud you for raising them well. I also pray and hope I can be a good mom to my son, who is also 2 years old, as there are times my husband and I are struggling with discerning how to discipline - self-esteem vs. self-control and other stuff like that.. Plus not knowing how much he understands at this point. :)

Thanks for your stories!


Tiffany  – (June 17, 2013 at 2:00 PM)  

Hi Kim,

Just like us, our kids are also far from perfect. They have their mood swings too! Through the years, Dens and I have dealt with a lot of discipline trial & error to find out what works best. There are still a number of things we'd like them to learn and we can only achieve them by God's grace. It's not easy being a parent, noh? It's good that we can trust in God and support each other through this great online community :)

Thank you for your encouragement!

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