Results of My 21-Day Challenge

So, remember when I decided to do the 21-day challenge 22 days ago? Well, i officially ended my 21st day yesterday and here are the results.

1. Have my daily quiet time with the Lord.

I keep my devotional and journal in the office so i missed out on most weekends (except the first weekend of the challenge when i remembered to bring them home). I technically did around 4 to 5 times of quiet time a week.  Not quite there yet so i need to be more diligent.

2.  Exercise EVERYDAY

This one has been very successful! I exercised everyday and i'm now really looking forward to it (seriously!). I don't feel that it's such a chore anymore and i'm actually thinking of joining a 42-day fitness challenge. Woo hoo!

3. Moisturize daily.

I probably missed a night or two but i've been very diligent at this and am seeing better skin already (or is it my imagination?). I may not really see the big difference at this time but i'm sure my skin will thank me when i grow older.

4. Sleep before 11pm.

Err...i blame iwanttv! i've been so hooked on watching a Be Careful With My Heart lately (yes, it's true! I am chaka on some levelz) that i wake up to watch the day's episode after putting the kids to bed at around 9pm. My bedtime ranges from 10:30pm to 11:30pm. Not that bad considering my self-imposed curfew is at 11pm.  But then again, late is late. Whether it's 30 mins or an hour past my supposed bedtime. I will improve!

5. No colored drinks.

This challenge has also been successful. I've skipped Iced teas and juices for most of the 21 days (except for a few sips during parties where water is not available). What i noticed was that i didn't really crave iced tea as much as i thought i would. And also during one party that we attended, I was forced to drink iced tea but couldn't finish it anymore since i found it too sweet. Maybe my taste buds have been reconditioned. Yay! Here's to less liquid calories.  Now about that Chai tea latte...hmm...that's another story.

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