How I Keep Myself Healthy

Before I became a mom, i was not so concerned about death. My own, that is. I worry about my love ones passing but not my own. When Troy came into my world, my perspective changed. I get very concerned about the slightest lump or infection. I guess that's what motherhood does to us.  We take our health more seriously. We want to live longer. We want to see our children and grand children grow up and reach their full potential.

I have lived a pretty healthy life since I was in gradeschool. I loved veggies and all things healthy and natural.  But I have been a lot more conscious about staying healthy these days.

1. Eat good food.  Enjoy your regular meals but modify it a bit.  You can still have the usual fried chicken but maybe start by not eating the chicken skin (okay, love, i know you are rolling your eyes and are about to stop reading).  Or if that's too hard, then order something less sinful like fish or pasta.  Try to eat as much fruits and vegetables whenever you can.  Find the salad dressing that you will love. Dens learned to love Ceasar Salad recently. It may not contain the 'healthiest' salad dressing but it's a very good start to eating more vegetables.  I still have the occassional (okay fine, frequent!) junk food binges (hello Boy Bawang!) but I compensate by taking healthier meals.

2. Drink water.  I drink a lot of water everyday and totally stopped drinking softdrinks at age 12.  Water is still the best. Fruit juices are not a good alternative. They are still loaded with lots of sugar even if they claim to be 100% natural.

3.  Exercise! You don't need to hit the gym. You can do a simple exercise at home. Check out my 21-day challenge.

Here's to good health! Losing weight and having good skin are just the side effects. How great is that?

What about you? Any health tip you'd like to share?

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