My Daughter's New Best Friend

So last Sunday we concluded our week-long Vacation Bible School (VBS) in church. I have been volunteering as a Bible and Dance teacher since I was in college.  Teaching kids everyday is not an easy job, I tell you. I have so much respect for teachers who love what they are doing and give their all for the children. 

Last Thursday evening, I was talking with my 7-year old son about his best friends when my 4-year old daughter suddenly mentioned, out of the blue, that she also has a best friend. When I asked who, i was pleasantly surprised to hear her say "God".  She went on to say "Because I asked God to come inside my heart and my tummy already so that He can be my best friend". I don't know where the 'tummy' part came from but I embraced her and told her I am very happy for her. I wasn't certain if it was a wish or if she prayed it already so I decided to pray with her anyway. Similar to when Troy received the Lord into his heart, I prayed the same prayer with Dawn. Looks like four is the magic number for my children.

I shared the story with Dens as soon as he got home. Then Dens told me that they actually talked about it in the classroom during one of the nights of VBS (Dens was also a volunteer teacher in church). I thought back about the many times I wasn't sure if being a Bible/Sunday School teacher truly had any impact on the kids and realized the amazing things God can do out of our service and obedience for Him.

So to all teachers (volunteer or by profession), never give up your passion for teaching. Our children are who they are now because of all your patience and hard work.

To my daughter's bible teachers, thank you for sharing the gospel to her. You may not have realized it then, but you have given my daughter the best gift she will ever receive in her life.  

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