Homemade Birthday Card

When Troy was still in Toddler school at two years old, he came home one day with a cute little handmade chinese lantern. Being the proud mommy of a new school-age kid, i happily displayed the lantern in our bedroom immediately.

One day, as I was proudly admiring the lantern that Troy gave me, I asked him "Hey, Troy, did you make that in school for mommy?"...and my very honest son answered 'No, mommy. Teacher Marlene did'.

Two years later, Troy can now make his own handmade crafts (Yey to his sentimental mommy!). Last June 6 was my mom's birthday and I came home to find this.

My very artistic sister helped him out.  He obviously enjoyed the concept a little bit too much and over-designed it but hey - he made it himself, right? When my mom said he should have put his name there, Troy said 'My name is there, Grandma. Look!' (pointing at the letters) - T in birThday, R in gRandma, Y in happY...and when i said 'But where is the O?' He pointed at the little round scribble above the D. 'There oh!'

Here's to more funny memories, Troy. You make mommy proud!

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