Jesus in My Heart

The most amazing thing happened last night. My 4-year old son accepted Jesus into his heart as his Lord and Savior. I couldn't be happier!

Several weeks ago, Dennis and I have been talking about sharing the gospel to Troy. We were not sure if he's too young to understand but we tried anyway. I told him that we are all sinners and how Jesus died to save us from our sins. Later on, I asked if he wanted to ask Jesus to come into his heart. He said 'uhm...can we just ask Jesus to come into my room?' ...uh, that didn't really work. I tried explaining further but he was already distracted.

On most nights, Dens would tell one Bible story to him before bedtime. Sometimes he'd be interested and would ask a lot of questions but there would be nights when he would ask for a different story about superheroes. So we were not really sure how he was taking all these in.

For the past months, I have been worrying so much about where to send Troy to school next year. Throughout my 'journey to the big school', i have learned so many things about parenting and teaching our child about Christ. I learned that his environment (i.e. school, church) may influence him but it is not a sure-fire way to salvation.

That was an eye opener for me.

I wanted assurance that my children will come to know Christ and grow spiritually. I realized that I cannot be passive about it by simply praying that he will be saved. We, as parents, are accountable to God for our childrens' salvation. We need to take that responsibility seriously.

Last night after Troy prayed his bedtime prayer with me, he asked me if Jesus is already in his heart. I responded by asking if he wanted to ask Jesus to come into his heart. And he said yes. So i said 'Do you want to pray with mommy?' He nodded and i asked him to close his eyes and repeat after me. I prayed the sinner's prayer and he carefully repeated every word that i said. I know that some words like 'Savior' and 'Sin' are still too deep for him to fully comprehend but he sincerely prayed with me nonetheless. We prayed that God will help him continue to be a good boy and help him grow in Him. After we prayed, i hugged him and told him how happy I am that he accepted Jesus into his heart. He was also very happy and told even Dens what he did when his father arrived home from prayer meeting. He said 'Papa, you know Jesus is already in my heart!' I was so happy I wanted to cry!

Our task doesn't stop there. Now we will need to guide him to be the kind of person God wants him to be. I pray that Dens and I will be good stewards of this wonderful blessing that our Lord has given us.

We love you, Troy!

Riz  – (January 21, 2013 at 2:51 AM)  

Hello, I just spent the past 2 hours reading your blog and your archives, even your posts from 2011. 2 hours well spent! I rejoice with you and your little guy's breakthrough, especially knowing your family's testimony from your previous posts. I remember when I was a little girl, starting about 4 or 5 years old, I would "accept" Jesus every Sunday in Sunday Schools because I was afraid to lose my salvation. :) A child's faith is ALWAYS inspiring.

God bless you and your family! :)

Tiffany  – (January 21, 2013 at 11:50 AM)  

Thank you for taking time to write me this note, Riz. Comments like yours inspire me to continue sharing God's love through our family's little milestones in this blog. Thanks for the encouragement.

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