ExpoMom 2015 #MomManifesto

Barely two months after I gave birth to Troy, I remember driving excitedly to Rockwell to attend my first ExpoMom back in 2008. That visit opened my eyes to the many unique baby products - both local and international - that are available to us these days. I remember staying there by myself for practically the entire day. It was my first day out after giving birth.

This year's ExpoMom focuses on a very important aspect of motherhood that is often neglected. The mom! We usually find ourselves too busy with the kids, our work/businesses, or errands that we forget to take care of ourselves in the process.

Aside from the booths that are selling mom-tested and mom-approved items, there will be ongoing activites onstage during the event as we journey together towards being happy and fulfilled moms.

Save the date, Moms! Invite your mom friends and join the fun next weekend from May 22 to 24 at the New Glorietta Center for the 2015 ExpoMom.


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