Five Tips for Your First Run #NikeWeRunManila

Last Saturday I finally did my first 10k! Read about my journey towards this milestone first if you haven't. Running a 10k was part of my faith goals this year and I can't believe I was able to accomplish it before the half of the year. Praise God for the strength and determination He has given me. 

I finished the race in 1 hour and 19 minutes. I'm very happy with my time considering it's my first 10k. I will definitely join more 10k runs this year and improve my time before moving to longer races.

We got to the race area in Filinvest around 6:30pm and had dinner at the nearby McDonald's. Our goal was to stop eating two hours before the race to avoid running on a full stomach. While I am no expert, I'd like to share a few things that I learned throughout my personal training for this 10k.
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1. Hydration is Key
Remember what happened to me when I ran my first 5k in the gym? I almost fainted because of heat and dehydration. I realized later on that I need to drink as much as I can before the run. We usually only remember to drink after exercising when we're already exhausted. On race day, I always stop drinking an hour to an hour and a half before gun start. This way i can avoid toilet breaks during the run that will just add to my time. 

2. Be Consistent in your Training
When I started running I could barely run 1k continuously. I persevered by consistently running two to three times a week in the gym. I increased my distance every two weeks to avoid injuries. Strength training, they say, is also very important. I stopped doing yoga last January but intend to practice again next month to build up on my strength.

Fireworks before gun start
3. Entertain Yourself

Fatigue aside, a lot of times i stop running because I get bored. Especially when you're training on the treadmill or running the same route regularly, there will be no new sights to see and after a while it will get boring. Personally, I enjoy listening to podcast and music when I run. I know a lot of professional runners say it's better not to listen to anything and be aware of your surroundings. I admire people who can do that but it's really not for me. I need to be entertained and forget the time while I am running. Of course you need to make sure you are running on a safe path and not have your music too loud that you do not hear incoming cars.

I always ensure I download the songs and podcast prior to my run to avoid internet connection problems during the race. When i run on the treadmill, I also enjoy watching light movies or fun TV show like Ellen DeGeneres or Friends to while away the time. 

4. Practice with your Gears

I will share about the gears that I use for running in my succeeding posts. From running shoes to hydration bottles. It is important for you to use them during your practice to get comfortable with it. Don't attempt to change running shoes prior to the race. Run with the shoes that you trained with. 

5. Set a Goal

This is going to be your motivation. My goal this year was to run a 10k in less than 1 hour and 30minutes. I was able to beat my time but next run I am aiming for less than an hour. That's going to be my new target. As they say, you do not necessarily have to race against other runners. You always race against your own personal best.

And that's it. Have fun and maybe i'll see you in the next race!

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