My Journey to 10k

DC Comics Run 2015
One of my fitness goals this year is to run a 10k. While I cannot claim to be a marathoner or a professional runner, it will be a fitness achievement for me. Baby steps, if you will. Who knows, maybe next year's goal will be half a marathon.

I have been physically active for as long as i can remember. In college, when funds were tighter, going up and down 10 floors in my cousin's condominium building was my workout. During summer vacations, my cousin and i would sometimes swim in Manila Hotel, where my uncle was a member, and hit the gym for a good 5 minutes before breaking a sweat in the Sauna which we felt was the actual work out after all.

As soon as I got a job, I saved up to buy a lifetime membership in the most popular gym at that time (yep, to all of you lifetime members, you know what am talking about).  I tried to maximize my membership by working out twice a day. Am not kidding. I would go to the gym at 6 in the morning and workout for an hour. Go home, take a shower, and report for work. During lunch breaks, I would go to the same gym franchise near our office and workout for another hour.

The year I got married, I started boxing. I worked out every morning before going to work and did not miss a day from Monday to Friday. The heavy workout plus the stress of planning for the wedding resulted in a 94 lbs me (I'm 5'2" so that's generally okay). 
A year later I got pregnant and stopped working out all together. Three babies and five years later, I was starting to feel unfit and generally sluggish. I decided to start slowly and did Pilates almost every day during my lunch breaks. I did it regularly for a while until a Yoga studio opened near our office.  Curiousity got the better of me and so I tried it and have been practicing Yoga for more than 3 years now. 

3k DC Comics Run
Last December I felt that while Yoga was helping me gain strenth and flexibility, I missed the intensity of cardiovascular workouts. So i decided to enroll in a gym and ran the treadmill about 3 times a week. Now here's one thing that is important for you to know about me. While i have been working out regularly, i am not good at running.  Back in college I practically begged our PE teacher to make me the scorer in our Softball class because i couldn't run from one base to the next.  I felt awkward when i run and never had the stamina for it.  So when I started running the treadmill I could not even continously run for 5 minutes. I'd get so tired immediately after. I decided to start with a mix of walk and run intervals for 2km every workout and slowly built it up. I was already running 3km comfortably when my friends invited me to join them in the Nike 10k run. I was starting to love the idea of running and signed up without much thought. Once we've officially joined the race, I started wondering if i can indeed finish a 10km within a reasonable amount of time. "Reasonable" meaning that the organizer is not yet packing up by the time I arrive at the Finish line. :P
5k Color Manila Run
I had a little over a month to up my game from 3km to 10km. The first time i tried to run a 5km in the gym, I almost fainted. Seriously. It was probably the heat and I was severly dehydrated. After that I learned to hydrate prior to my workout and avoid black tea and coffee as well.

I am now actively running 5km to 7km three times a week (or more) and have already joined my first 3k and 5k run last weekend. I will end this post with some pictures from my past two fun runs. I will update you again once I achieve my 10k goal five days. Let's do this!
Color Manila Run 2015

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