The Decisions Parents Make

This post is inspired by one of my sister's best friends, Hannah, who is an only child. Whenever she is asked to do a task that can be a bit risky (anything from skydiving to eating a chicken meal by the streets), she would usually decline by saying "Only child ako".  While we always found her comment funny, there is indeed some truth in it.

The other day while running on the treadmill, i was lost in my thoughts and i remembered her statement. Then it made me realize how, as a mom, i have grown to have the same careful nature. Not because 'Only child ako' but because i am the only mom my kids will ever have. 

Before the kids came into the picture, i was more carefree. I grew up knowing my liver was not in tiptop shape but that never fazed me until I had Troy.  I started doing more research on how to take care of my health and overall live a longer and healthier life for my children.

My children will now always be a consideration on each decision that I make.  When you know that someone you love is very much dependent on you, you tend to make decisions to care for yourself on behalf of the other person. Any decision that may possibly hurt the other person will have to be thought twice or thrice over.

Motherhood indeed changes us.  Now it is up to us whether we will change for good or otherwise. I challenge all parents to start taking care of yourselves more. You are the only mom or dad your child will ever have. Make your life count. You are irreplaceable to them.


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