Falling In Love

"I am so in love with my daughter!" he said with wonder in his eyes. "And i'm not saying i love her, Tiff. I'm saying i am IN LOVE with her!"

This was about 9 years ago.  A year before i became a mom.  I vividly remember how we were walking along the streets of Makati when he said this to me out of the blue. Just to give you a better picture, this is my Singaporean friend.  He is a 30 something fitness buff who is an expert in calculating financial risks. Imagine a guy who soars in the financial world exclaiming how 'in love' he is with his then 6-year old daughter in the middle of nowhere. I remember looking at him and wondering what exactly he's saying.  How different is it to love your child and be 'in love' with her?  I remember telling him 'Maybe i'll understand you better when i become a mom'.  Later that year, i became pregnant.

My kids are now 6 and 3 (if you're doing the math and wondering where the 2 years went since i got pregnant 9 years ago, you need to read THIS).  Every night before we sleep, i would look at my two children and my heart will swell with so much love.  So much love that i can physically feel it.  Do you remember that feeling?  The kind of love that gives you butterflies in the stomach. The kind of love that makes you smile on a stressful day.  The kind of love that makes you want rush home and spend each precious hour with them. The kind of love that keeps you up late at night imagining what your future holds.  Isn't that how it feels each time we fall in love?

The thought uttered 9 years ago that sounded so foreign to me, resonates with my heart now.  Yes, i am so in love with my children. Now i understand how loving your children and being in-love with them sounds like the same thing but feels completely different.  The journey of parenthood introduces us to these totally unexpected emotions and continues to reveal new sides of ourselves that we have not known before.

Today i am putting this thought out there so that when my kids are old enough to surf through the net, they will know.  That even on my really bad days, i only have to think of them and joy fills my heart. And I am in love all over again.

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