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This year has been a year of fulfilled dreams and answered prayers. One of my faith goals for Troy last year was for him to be able to play soccer (Read about it here).  With much prayer and faith, Troy is now part of their school's soccer varsity team and trains 3 times a week. While i love that he's very active and so much into the sport, I have been a little concerned about his skin.  His skin seems to be getting darker by the day. As with most six-year old boys, Troy does not like to put sun protection. I've tried giving him various sunblocks but he either complains that it does not smell nice or that it's too sticky.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of Mustela's Sun Care line, among other things. The sun protection line was reformulated to better fight against dangerous UVA and UVB rays while enhancing the preservation of the skin's wealth of stem cells that are still present in our kids' skin.
Mustela's Sun Protection Range
So when I got home, i immediately asked Troy to try it. I was silently praying that he would like it. And he did!   These days, Troy keeps a tube of the Sun Protection cream in his bag. He puts it on himself each time he changes for soccer training. He has also agreed to use it during recess when he plays with his friends in the playground.

I like that Mustela's Sun Protection cream for the face come with an easy pump. This allows for my son to use just enough instead of squeezing the entire content out. I also like how the body lotion is in spray form so it's quick and fun for the kids to apply. I just have to keep reminding him to check where the nozzle is pointed before spraying to avoid spraying his eyes.

I will end with some tidbits about Sun Protection that i learned during the recent Mustela event. I think it's good to always be armed with knowledge.
  • SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is a measure of UVB protection and is the amount of light it takes to induce redness after sun exposure. Example: SPF 15 - if it takes 10 minutes of noontime sun for you to develop a sunburn, then an SPF 15 will give you 15 x protection or 150 minutes total. So it's not true that SPF 15 means 15 minutes of sun protection while SPF 60 minutes an hour.
  • The sun's peak hours is from 10am to 4pm
  • The recommended thickness of sunscreen application is 2mg/cm2. Most people apply less than that. 
  • Frequent application is more important than just choosing one with higher SPF
You can check out the Mustela products available in the Philippines by visiting their website or going to their Facebook Page,
Contact +639178959988 to find the Mustela store nearest you!

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