To Baguio & back...

Last week I was invited to share my testimony at the Philippine Bible Theological Seminary (PBTS) in Baguio. I talked about our experience with Tyler and how God has been very faithful to our family. You can read about our journey through my old blog entries starting here.  I have shared my testimony in Davao and other churches in Manila before but I still get very emotional each time I talk about what we went through. 

Whenever I am asked to share my testimony, I try my best to accept all invites. I believe that Tyler was given to us in order for us to be able to share God’s love and faithfulness amidst difficult times with other people.

Pastor Garvic and PBTS, thanks for giving me that privilege to share our experience with all of you.

We were also blessed with very supportive friends who went up to Baguio with us. It was so much fun to travel with you guys!

Tyler baby, it’s an honor to be your mom. You are so loved!

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