Forrest House

During our recent trip to Baguio, our first stop was the Forrest House restaurant. I have been there once before and had good warm memories of the place. I remember the fire place, the inviting couch, and the mixed smell of coffee and pine trees. Makes you think of Christmas.

On top of the cozy ambience, what i appreciated most were the great service and little touches that came with our food. They have a wide variety of soups served in bread bowls.  Check out the nice messages that came with our soups!

They are known to have one of the best coffees in town.  But since i am not a big coffee drinker, i ordered the hot chocolate mint instead. It was okay. I guess any hot drink would fit nicely in the cold Baguio weather.

Some of our friends were celebrating their wedding anniversary and the restaurant celebrated with us by serving this nicely made-up dessert on the house.  It actually tastes as good as it looks.

Check them out when you get the chance to visit Baguio. I assure you it's not going to disappoint.
Map taken from the Forrest House website

Forrest House is located at 16 Loakan Road, Baguio City.  

We'll see you again, Forrest House!

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