5 more minutes, please???

Even though my 2 kids have their own rooms, my husband and i still prefer that they sleep with us at night. My son has his own make-shift toddler bed (we used the Scatola sofa bed designed by Rajo Laurel for Uratex) that we placed beside our bed, and my daughter sleeps in her crib on the other side of the room.

My son adores her baby sister. He would always wake up very early in the morning, go to the crib and check whether his sister is already awake. If she is, he'd immediately wake me up and ask me to carry her to our bed. If she isn't, then he'd find a way to wake her up.

They would spend around 15 minutes playing while my husband and i will spend the entire time watching them. Troy would either choose a movie on my phone or teach his sister how to play a new app on the iPhone. Dawn would attentively listen to her brother even though am pretty sure she doesn't understand any of the instructions he is teaching her.

I remember when i was younger and would always request for 5 minutes more when i am being awakened to go to school. Now as i look at my two precious children playing by themselves early in the morning, my mind is requesting the same thing before i start to get ready for work.

My heart swells with gratitude each and every day I see them.

I will be forever grateful for each and every moment I spend with them. They are God’s wonderful blessings to us and living testimonies of God’s faithfulness and love.

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