Dawn's First Meal

It seems like yesterday when i blogged about Troy's first meal here.  Such a cliche but it must be said - HOW TIME FLIES! I can't believe it's been half a year and our little girl is already taking in solid food.  Dawn had her first taste last August 23, a day after she turned 6 months. She was very easy to feed and was excitedly waiting for the next spoonful. She was even trying to hold the spoon and feed herself when you're not fast enough. Check out 2nd picture above.

For those of you who know my kids, I'm sure you'd agree that Troy has a very healthy appetite. A lot of people have asked me what vitamins i give him or how we feed him to make him enjoy food so much. Truth is, there's really no formula.

We did not actually give Troy any vitamins until he was almost a year old. With Dawn, we just started vitamins this week since she's smaller in size than Troy was at her age.

For both our kids, we used Earth Best's Whole Grain Rice Cereal for their first meals. I like that it's organic and has no chemicals in it. It's available in all Healthy Options stores.

Dawn's first meal experience went pretty well. She was able to finish a tablespoon worth of cereal mixed with breast milk for her first feeding. She looked like she enjoyed eating as much as we enjoyed feeding her.

Meanwhile, look at the little surprise that popped out of the highchair's box!

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