The Fun Thing About Swimming

One Sunday in August, we brought the kids out for a swim somewhere down south. Since I do not like to bother myself with having to shower all over again, I decided early on that I would not swim. Dens brought his swim gear just in case but was also pretty much undecided. The kids, of course, were ready with their suits and pool paraphernalia.
When we got to the pool, the kids changed and asked why Dens and I were not changing. I told them I did not bring my swimsuit anymore since I was not really planning to swim. Dens, on the other hand, said he will just rest for a while.
So I brought the kids to the pool.  I sat and watched the two of them swim and play with their pool toys. They looked like they were enjoying themselves the whole time. After about twenty minutes, my 8-year old son came up and asked me to check on their dad.
Troy: "Mom, can you see if Papa is already done resting?"
Mom: "I think he's not planning to swim anymore. Maybe he just wants to rest."
Troy: "But I really want papa to swim with us"
Mom: "It's okay, Troy. You and Dawn are having fun naman"
Troy: "We were just playing our toys so that we won't get bored while waiting for Papa. The fun thing about swimming is being with you, Papa and Dawnie."
My heart broke a little when I heard that.  I almost wanted to jump in the pool in my sundress. Needless to say, Dens immediately joined them in the pool.
I realized then that being around them does not necessarily mean spending time with them. We need to engage with them and do things that they love.
Since then, my husband and I have intentionally spent more "active" time with the kids. Dens has learned to dress up a Barbie doll and I am still trying my very best to learn how Minecraft works.
Being a parent involves a lot of intentional hard work.  We must not allow the time to pass and then realize one day that our kids have grown up too fast. Let's make sure we engage with our kids and not just 'be present' for them.  Just being in the same room with the kids does not count.  Learn what your children love and do those things with them. It's time to pick up the [Lego] pieces and build memories with them. Yep, pun intended.


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