What is Your Comfort Food?

Mine is not exactly food. It's a drink.
It's a cup of Chai Tea Latte. I like mine non-fat, extra hot, no foam
My love for Chai started in Hong Kong back in 1999. I was on a business trip and my colleagues treated me to lunch at an authentic Indian restaurant. I am not a fan of strong spices so the food did not impress me too much. But the drink was definitely a game changer. I stepped out of that restaurant without remembering the name of the drink that would soon haunt me. After my trip, I had cravings for that spiced milk tea that I did not know the name of. I just knew there were hints of cinnamon and ginger mixed into the hot drink.
Six years later I was on a business trip to Australia and found a small café that was popular for their Chai Tea Latte. I did not know what it was but the description of the drink enticed me to give it a shot. Lo and behold, it was the same drink I tried back in 1999! And so my love affair with Chai began.
The only problem then was that Chai was not readily available in Manila. I would drink it only during my business trips to Australia. It was my safe haven in between and after stressful client meetings. I would drink multiple cups in a day just as one would be addicted to coffee.
Years later, Chai started becoming increasingly available in the popular coffee shops in Manila. It has, since then, been my almost-daily stress reliever in the office. It reminded me of those cool and sunny days in Martin Place where I would review my notes prior to my client meetings. It brought me back to those days when, for once, I do not mind sitting alone in a restaurant.
Several years later, Chai remains to be such a comfort drink for me. I now have new memories of Chai. Enjoying a book in Starbucks while waiting to fetch my daughter from ballet practice, movie dates with Dens, and good times over Chai in Coffee Bean with friends and family.
Funny how a simple drink has so much history. One sip is all it takes. And just like that, it's 1999 all over again.

cheekeegirl  – (August 5, 2016 at 10:19 AM)  

Yes! I love chai latte too.. I'm wondering why other don't love the taste

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