Honey Oatmeal Bars

My 5-year old daughter and I love to bond in the kitchen. We love to cook, bake and whip up new creations together. From our usual Banana Pancakes to our newly discovered Oatmeal Cookies (thanks to my friend Tin). 

I'd like to share this very easy no-bake dessert that we have been making the past weeks. It's only made up of 3 ingredients.


*The choice of spread will determine the flavor of your oatmeal bars. Here are some tried and tested spreads that you can use.

You can use any honey. I have tried all types from processed, raw and even Manuka honey. I won't recommend the latter since Manuka has a distinct taste that not everybody appreciates. Raw Honey is my safest bet.

Step 1: You mix your honey with the spread and warm it in a pan or microwave
Step 2: Once melted and warm, you mix in the oat until the oats look cooked
Step 3: You spread the mixture in a flat dish and leave it out to cool
Step 4: Once the mixture is no longer warm, you put it in the refrigerator to harden overnight
Step 5: You cut into bite-size squares and serve!
Try and and experiment different flavors. My 5-year old daughter can actually do most of the steps herself sans Step 1 with the pan and microwave. It's super quick and easy to make. Perfect for that instant dinner you are hosting or your kids' snacks to school.


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