Potential Cause of Your Hair Fall

Last week I had a little scare. While I was taking a shower on Monday evening, chunks of my hair started to fall. The same thing happened on Tuesday while I was removing my hair tie. During those days, I was starting to feel very weak which I initially thought was just muscle pain from my Monday workout. But by Wednesday, I did not have any appetite anymore and only craved for cold food such as pineapple and iced candies.
I started to do a little research on what may possibly cause this sudden and severe hair fall and weakness in my body. My research lead me to one very simple but accurate answer.


I realized that the symptoms started after my 30-minute run last Monday. I remember forgetting to bring my water bottle and only drank tea when I reached the office. I got busy at work and totally forgot to hydrate the whole day. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was drinking tea all day which was practically a diuretic. 
As soon as I learned about the effects of dehydration on my hair, I started to intentionally drink liters and liters of water.  I noticed the weakness in my body slowly going away. By Friday, my hair fall was back to the normal number. No more chunks of falling hair.
We are often encouraged to drink water to flush out toxins from our bodies or to achieve supple and beautiful skin. But we often overlook the fact that each hair shaft is made up of 1/4 water.  This means that when we become dehydrated, our hair functions 1/4 less effective and becomes weak. Thus, causing hair to fall. Imagine how simple that was! 
If you are experiencing severe hair fall, try drinking more water. You may just be a drop away from saving your tresses.

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