My Top 5 Clothing Stores for Kids in Manila

I rarely buy clothes for the kids. They get a lot of gifts and hand-me-downs that are more than enough for them to wear on non-school days. But once in a while, there would be occasions such as parties and graduations that justifies a little splurge on those adorable tiny outfits. Other times, they're just too irresistible to avoid.
On this easy Friday, I'd like to share the three childrens' clothing stores in Manila that I usually gravitate to when looking for outfits for my children.

I love how colorful and fun Gingersnaps outfits are. I like that how they can be trendy yet classic at the same time. The cloth quality fits the Manila weather and the designs are very playful. In fact, I like their clothes so much that I also buy them for myself sometimes in size 12.  If the style becomes too short, then I go for a size 1 or 2 in Just G (the Gingersnaps line for teens).  A lot of people have asked where my daughter and I buy our matching outfits, well there's our secret - get the bigger sizes from the children stores!
Gingersnaps is a local Philippine brand that started in 1994 as a department store brand. They now have more stores than you can count both locally and in international shores. Kudos to Gingersnaps!

I first encountered Cotton On during my regular business trips to Melbourne and Sydney. I would often purchase polo shirts for my husband, Dens, as my pasalubong. A few years ago, I visited one store in Sydney and found miniature versions of the same polo shirts that I was buying for Dens. I was so excited I bought a couple of shirts for my then 5-year old son to match with his dad.

Come 2012, Cotton On opened its doors to the Philippines. And while the ladies' clothing were mostly fast fashion, I loved their kids' line. Particular the ones for the boys. It's always a challenge to come up with trendy outfits for little boys outside of the usual shirt and shorts/pants but Cotton On gets it.

My son is now 8 and the he is slowly outgrowing the sizes at Cotton On Kids. This is when I found H&M Kids.  They have a host of sizes, perfect for those in-between stages. They have trendy designs for both girls and boys that definitely suit my taste.
I don't think H&M needs further introduction. So I will just go ahead and post my current favorites.
Early this year, my kids got the opportunity to model for Zara Kids. It was an awesome experience for them and I love, love, love the clothes that they got to wear. Maybe one of these days I will share their modeling experience.
When Zara first opened in Manila back in 2005, the kids section was practically covered in tiny winter ensembles. It could have been the timing of the season but seeing the collection made me wish we had four seasons in the Philippines.  11 years and 101 store visits later, I realized they do have clothes that also fit our tropical climate.
Last but definitely not the least is everyone' favorite Japanese clothing store, UNIQLO. On top of the basic shirts and shorts, I usually scout for pajamas for the kids in UNIQLO during sale season. They come out way cheaper than the ones you see in the bazaars. Seriously!
What about you? What do your kids wear? It's your time to share!



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