Super Easy 3-ingredient Pancakes!

My 4-year old daughter and I have been cooking up a storm in our kitchen the past days. That may be normal for a lot of moms but not in our household. So when I say these pancakes I am about to share with you are super easy, I am not kidding.

1 Banana
2 Eggs
1 teaspoon Nutella
Step 1: Mash the banana
Step 2: Crack open the two eggs and mix with the mashed banana
Step 3: Scoop up mixture and cook on a flat pan as you would a regular pancake
Step 4: Drop Nutella in random areas for that lovely hazelnut surprise
Step 5: Serve!
And that's it! My kids love it and has been asking for the Banana-Nutella pancakes since we last made it.

Go ahead and try it! Enjoy these healthy breakfast or snack alternative! It's so easy and fun to make, you don't need to wake up ahead of time :)

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