5 Tried and Tested Non-Petroleum Jelly Beauty Hacks

I have seen so many articles talking about the different uses of Petroleum Jelly. I love affordable all-in-one products. Petroleum Jelly definitely fits the bill. The thing is, my research on the different uses of petroleum jelly has also lead me to various articles talking about the dangers of using them. With findings ranging from clogged pores to cancer, I decided to play it safe and look for a better alternative.
I found two good alternatives to petroleum jelly. Alba Botanica's Un-petroleum Multi-purpose Jelly and Earth's Best Non-Petroleum Jelly.  Both of them use natural essential oils instead of the controversial petrol. Alba Botanica's un-petroleum is not yet available locally in the Philippines but you can find Earth's Best's non-petroleum jelly in Healthy Options.
Here are the five beauty hacks that I have personally found most helpful for me.
1.  Lip Balm

My husband has been diligently using petroleum jelly on his lips before going to bed ever since I have known him. Err, that did not sound quite right, did it?  But yeah, he gets really dry skin all year round and his lips are not exempted. I see the petroleum jelly on our bathroom counter and have been trying it the past months. I now understand his nightly passion for it.

But yes, we've now transitioned to the non-petroleum kind and it works equally well.

2.  Eye Cream

I have been using the non-petroleum jelly as my eye cream the past month. I pat it around my eyes every night before going to bed. They say it treats crows feet and prevents new ones from forming. I have yet to truly confirm its efficacy but it's cheap and it makes sense. So it's staying in my nightly routine until further notice.

3. Foot Moisturizer

Generously coat your entire feet with the non-petroleum jelly and put socks over them. Sleep with the socks on and I promise you will wake up with super soft feet!

4.  Eyelash Conditioner

They say it conditions, thickens and lengthen the lashes. Need I say more?

5. Make-up Remover

I do not regularly use eye make-up. And this is mainly because I hate removing them. I always end up with raccoon eyes that stays until the next day. This non-petroleum does the job. It removes make-up and conditions your eye area. Two-in-one!

If you're also iffy about using the commercial petroleum jelly, check out the two other safer alternatives. It's a handy product to keep in the house.

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