The French Beauty Solution
I realized something recently. I love all things French. Okay, maybe not all things since I do not like fries. But then again, is that really French?!
What I am really saying is that I love the health and beauty philosophy of the French. I recently read a book written by my all-time favorite brand's co-founder, Mathilde Thomas. She talks about how she started Caudalie and all about French beauty and skin care. A lot of the things she shared resonated with how I am currently taking care of my skin.

"Good skincare is far better than hiding behind a mask of makeup"
The most important philosophy that the French believes in is that as far as skincare and make-up is concerned, having tons of make-up will not compensate for bad skin. It just won't look right. Invest in a good skin care regimen and you won't even need a lot of make-up to begin with.
"Live by the pleasure principle"
The French love luxe and elegance. It has always been the hallmark of French style. Mathilde Thomas says that "[French Beauty] is about choosing only the best and understanding that you are entitled to have a beauty routine that makes you look and feel beautiful at the same time." Your skincare routine should be pleasurable. Images of a French woman slowly putting on her night cream with candles and background music comes to mind. Of course that may be a bit exaggerated but the point is that our regular skincare routine must feel good to us. We must love what we use and use only what we love. The French expect their creams and serums to be "deliciously scented, with a texture that feels wonderful on the skin, and with ingredients that are pure and natural as possible." Sounds like my cup of tea.
"Squeaky clean is for windows - not your face or hair"
Having been influenced by Tin in 2013, I have stopped washing my face with soap and water for over three years now. I have been using Caudalie's cleansing water morning and night to clean my face. The only time water touches my face is when I go for a swim. Other than that, it's purely Caudalie. (read about my shift here). 
The book confirms my shift to being soap-free since our face (and hair) need not be squeaky clean as we were taught when we were kids. When we reach the 'squeaky clean' level, it means we have already robbed our skin of the natural oil that it needs. Go for gentle cleansing instead. Your skin will love you for it 30 years from now.
"A glass of red wine at dinner is good for your skin (and your health)"
There are so many other tips in the book that I have found to be extremely informative. From having a healthy diet to coming up with your own homemade body scrub, every chapter is a note-taking activity.
I'm not sure if the book is available in our local bookstores.  I downloaded the eBook from Amazon on Kindle. You can do the same.

Kick off those heels, get that glass of red wine and journey through the world of French beauty.

cheekeegirl  – (May 27, 2016 at 1:55 PM)  

Oh Caudalie! I was the winner of your giveaway sometime 2 years ago... Available na po bah locally? And if yes, where can we buy them?

Tiffany  – (May 27, 2016 at 2:19 PM)  

Hi Cheekeegirl! Unfortunately, not yet locally available. It became available only for a very limited time online through Sephora Ph. I hope they restock soon :)

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