Make Your Own Ice Cream at Home

Going out of an air-conditioned room has been sheer torture the past few weeks.  Walking out feels like walking into an oven. Seriously, almost not even a metaphor.
I recently wrote about the best umbrella to use in this weather. Now, let's talk about another hot (pun intended) topic during summer: Ice cream!
I personally do not really like ice cream. I prefer popsicles or ice candy since I don't like anything creamy and cold. The combination hurts my throat for some reason. Should I decide eat ice cream, soft serve is best as it's less creamy. But just because I don't like ice cream does not mean my family cannot enjoy it. 
We did a bit of experiment over the weekend and created our very own homemade ice cream. We used this nifty little ice cream maker that was given to us years ago by my sister. But I will also tell you how you can make ice cream without it.
Set A
1 cup fresh milk (we used full cream.  You may use non-fat if you wish to avoid the extra calories)
1 cup evaporated milk
1/3 cup sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Set B
Lots and lots of Ice
Lots and lots of Rock salt
Step 1:  Pour Set A ingredients in a Ziploc bag and make sure it's sealed properly.
In our case we had an Ice Cream Ball (check it out here) where one side opens up for your ingredients and the other side for your ice.
Step 2: Get another Ziploc bag that is twice the size of your initial Ziploc.  Put the smaller Ziploc inside the larger one and pour lots and lots of ice and rock salt into it. The larger Ziploc should now contain the smaller Ziploc with the contents of Set A ingredients and lots of ice and rock salt surrounding the smaller bag.  The rock salt will allow your ice to remain solid which is why it's important to put as many as you can.
Again, in our case we just opened the other end of the Ice Cream Ball and pour ice and rock salt inside.
Step 3: Shake the Ziploc like crazy until you see the ice cream forming inside the smaller Ziploc. This will take about 15 to 20 minutes.

With the Ice Cream Ball, we had fun by kicking the ball around and playing soccer inside the house. We did this for about 20 to 30 minutes.
 Step 4: Scrape the ice cream out and enjoy!
You may add various ingredients to make different flavors of ice cream. Add fruits or jam to make fruit-flavored ice cream, or add coffee + chocolate powder for Mocha ice cream. You can be creative with your flavors.

My husband says it's easier to just go out and buy ice cream (hmp!).  But hey, it's educational and fun for the kids. They will love the idea of making their own ice cream it's a good way to keep them busy for a good 30mins too! Yay, moms!


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