Marshmallow Shot Glasses

So how was your holiday? Here's something fun that i learned to do during the Christmas season.  It's a cute way to serve dessert on your next dinner party or just something fun to do with the kids on that lazy rainy saturday afternoon.

Step 1 - Insert a bbq stick at the center of the marshmallow and roast it on an open fire (you can start singing now...). It would have been nicer to roast it over a fireplace. Unfortunately, we don't have that in Manila so the burner will have to do for now. Make sure not to overdo the roasting. Around 3 seconds per side will do.
 Step 2 - Once the outer later is brown and toasted, hold the sides lightly and pull the stick out. You should get the soft middle part out with the stick.
 Step 3 - And there you have it! Your marshmallow shot glasses! If you'd like to use it as a cup for drinks, you will need to cover the inner base with nutella or any chocolate spread first. And put them in the freezer until the chocolate hardens. This way the liquid will not leak out. The easiest way to serve this would be to put ice cream in it and serve immediately.

Cheers, everyone! Here's to a fun and fruitful 2015!


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