The Power of Good Words

Yesterday I got the chance to sit down and chat with my mother-in-law over breakfast. I always enjoy our one-on-one conversations because it usually involves heartwarming stories of my husband's funny childhood, my mother-in-law's love life, and an exchange of our motherhood experiences. My father-in-law passed away at an early age which left her to raise five children all by herself. They grew up very independent (most of the latter years without any helper at home) and are now the kind of people you'd want your children to become.

I have always admired my mom-in-law's simple yet strong attitude towards motherhood. She has always been very vocal about how proud she is of all her children and that's something i am learning from her. She does not shy away from compliments as most of us Filipinos and Chinese would when talking about our own kids. She readily talks about their achievements with the pride that she so rightly deserves.

Yesterday, i got to experience a taste of these encouragements from my mom-in-law. Out of the blue, she told me that i have been doing a good job raising the kids. I was immediately all choked up and filled with tears. I've gotten rewards in school and recognition in my career and church work - which are all great and so much apprciated - but getting recognized as a mom felt so meaningful to me.  I thought about it and realized that it is probably because a lot of my decisions these days are geared towards raising good children. While i know i am far from being the ideal mom, hearing those words from my mom-in-law meant so much to me.

Today is my mom-in-law's birthday.  I know that she will never read this post as she is not internet savvy. But i still want to honor her today for being the kind of mother that she is. For raising five wonderful children (one of whom i married :D ) and for being a good role model for a lot of us.

May we all learn from her and never withhold good words. May it be to our parents, our siblings, our spouse, children, or friends. You can never over-appreciate people. Be their encouragement today!

1 Thessalonians 5:11 "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."


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