Kiddie Essentials for Your Winter Holiday

We just came back from the fun and freezing Korean weather!  It was a wonderful vacation amidst the negative 16 celcius temperature.

A lot of people have been concerned for our family since we brought our two kids (4 years old and 1 year old) with us. If you know me well, you will understand that there is no way I am leaving my kids behind on a vacation. The only time I get to travel without them is during my business trips. Not exactly the most ideal scenario, i know. But until i learn to be better at parental detachment, they will just need to come along whether i am flying to a dessert or blizzard.

So anyway, here are a few travelling essentials for your kiddos when you plan to go on your own winter wonderland vacation.

1. Layering

1st Layer - Thermals
2nd Layer - Long-sleeves shirt
3rd Layer - Fleece Jacket
4th Layer - Bubble/Winter Jacket


My 2 kids have varying tolerance for cold. My son takes after his father who loooves the cold weather while my daughter is just like me who easily gets cold. So for her, i added another layer of tights before her pants to ensure her legs don't get too cold. On colder days, i even added leg warmers.

1st Layer - Thermals
2nd Layer - Jeans

2. Windburn

First, you have to try your best to avoid windburn by moisturizing and covering your face as much as you can. This is especially difficult if youre kids are like mine who refuse to wear face masks. I moisturize their faces daily but after 2 days of cold weather, their cheeks were all dry and painful.

Skin that thas been [wind] burned sting when you put sunblock or moisturizers! One that worked truly well for us was Mustela's Stelatria. Unlike the other moisturizers that i've tried, my kids did not cry or complain from the pain whenever i applied Stelatria on their cheeks. I tried them on myself and can confirm that it's pain-free! This proves that Mustela is truly very ideal for sensitive skin and is free of harsh chemicals.
3. Dry Lips

For the kids' lips, i only used VMV's Boo Boo Balm. It proved effective and they didn't have chapped lips all throughout the trip!
4. Gloves

For days when you know you will encounter snow, you need to use water-proof gloves. Those knitted gloves will only be good when your kids do not wish to touch snow. My kids cannot avoid playing with snow so these are true essentials!
5. Bonnet

Choose one that covers the ears. Makes all the difference, believe me.
Hope the above suggestions will help you in planning your own winter vacation. Preparation is key. If you go prepared then you can still enjoy amidst the freezing weather. Have fun!

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