The Unintentional Parenting Lesson

I have a little story to share.  You see, we have been renovating our home for almost two months now. It has been pretty chaotic lately with all the dust and furnitures moving around. Dens and i couldn't wait to get everything done. We're already very excited to see our furnitures out of the hallway and into the bedrooms once again.

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 Being the master planner in all this, Dens has scheduled the work of the carpenters and painters so that we can make sure they will finish on time. Last Monday, Dens asked them to apply polyurethane on the floor of the rooms so that our furnitures can go back in today.  That was the plan...until i got home in the afternoon and hurriedly went inside the room. I totally forgot about the wet polyurethane and stepped inside.  I looked at my footprints marked on the floor and thought 'oh no, lagot ako kay dens' i courageously called up dens and told him what happened. But instead of getting upset, Dens' reaction was 'naku, nasaktan ka?' [are you hurt?] I was very surprised and touched by his response. He was more concerned about how i was rather than getting all upset about the floor damage and disruption of the renovation schedule.

This got me thinking. We experience a lot of similar situations with our kids. More often than not, they get into trouble simply because they are too playful. They either knock something down or fall down themselves from too much running and jumping. Just yesterday, i almost got angry at Troy for something quite similar. We went to visit a friend and received a box of sweets which i placed at the backseat of the car right beside Troy's carseat. As soon as we got home, Troy was hurrying to get out of his carseat when he tripped over the box beside him (almost sitting on the box!). My first reaction was to save the box and ask Troy to be more careful next time. Then I remembered the 'parable of the polyurethane footprint' and stopped myself. I immediately asked Troy if he was hurt to which he replied 'I'm okay, mommy!'.

I am a work-in-progress in this area but I'd like to be better. I'd like my children to know that no material thing is ever more important to me than them. I thank God for my wonderful husband who never fails to show me how much he loves me...and for unintentionally teaching me this parenting lesson. You rock, love!

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