Boracay Through a Mother's Eyes

I have been to Boracay so many times in my lifetime but my last three visits were a little bit different.

In the past, when you say 'Boracay', images of Henna Tatoo and massages on the beach comes to mind. In 2009, i saw Boracay in a different light.  I visited Boracay for the first time as a mom.
Troy's first trip, 2009
Dens and Troy's Jump Shot, 2011

Dawn's first trip, 2011
I remember telling Dens how different Boracay is each time we go there with our kids (sans yaya).  You can say goodbye to partying until the wee hours of the morning or doing any type of water sports together (i say 'together' because you can still go one at a time while the other parent takes care of the children...but where's the fun in that?!). 

But you know what? Different does not always necessarily mean 'bad'.  During our recent trip, I saw how Troy was laughing non-stop with his cousins while riding the waves on the speedboat...I witnessed how Dawn was happily running around the cool white sands without a care in the world.  Watching my kids have the time of their lives is my new fun thing in Boracay. The smiles on their faces is enough for us to skip that relaxing massage or wild water activity any day.

Our children are growing up so fast. I will not be honest if I say I don't miss those wonderful beach massages...but they will just have to wait for now. My kids will only be children once. I am not going to miss these moments. Time is fleeting. I choose to spend mine with them.

Speed boat, 2012
Cousins, 2012

Sunset, 2012

 Dawn on the loose, 2012
Family, 2012

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