Co-sleeping, anyone?

Before we got married, one weird but sound advice that a friend gave us was 'BUY A KING-SIZED BED'. He said it will come in handy when we already have kids. After 8 years of marriage, i will officially say 'He spoke with wisdom'.

Our kids have their own bedrooms but my husband and I are firm believers of co-sleeping (at least in the same bedroom) so they only use their rooms for afternoon naps. Come night time, both kids sleep with us. We want some level of independence so even if we are all in the same room, our 4-year old still has his own foldable mattress on one side while our 1-year old daughter still sleeps in her crib.

Every night, we start out with just the 2 of us on the bed. Around 1am, my daughter would wake me up and request to be transferred to our bed.  How, you ask, at 1 year old? She would call me (not crying but literally call me - 'mum' or 'mommy') and i'd wake up to see her standing inside the crib holding on to the railing. She'd point to our bed and when i lay her down beside us, she'd just go back to sleep effortlessly. A couple of times i tried bringing her back to the crib but she would just cry or shake her head saying 'no'.

I go back to sleep and would usually wake up around 4am for my daughter's midnight feeding. By then, my son would already be sleeping on our bed - well, more like the edge of the bed, beside his dad. There is very little space but he would always manage to squeeze himself in and amazingly never falls off the bed!

So by 5am, there will already be four of us on the bed...and guess who takes up the most space?

How could someone so little take up half the bed? The body pillow beside her is where i normally end up sleeping right before i wake up.

What about you? What's your family's sleeping position?
Thank you for this illustration

Karsten Taniegra  – (February 24, 2013 at 7:39 AM)  

This so funny but sweet! :)
Among all the sleeping position, we're most likely the 'snow angels'!

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