Belo Baby: Safe. Natural. Gentle.

I am a fan of natural and safe products for our family.  So when a local company invites me to witness the launch of their new natural baby line, I go. Especially when it's the Philippine's skincare expert, Belo!
Last April 6, a group of bloggers witnessed the launching of Belo's new baby line.  Contrary to popular belief, Belo is not just all about beauty and reversing the signs of aging. The heart of the Belo brand is truly skincare. Belo has an extensive product line for women and has also launched a special line for men a few years back. This year, Belo takes it a step further and introduces a line for the most precious members of our family, our children.
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The Belo Baby line includes a face and body lotion, hair and body wash, bar soap, and three colognes.  
Dra. Vicki Belo's daughter, Cristalle Belo, talked about Belo Baby and her passion to produce a product that will be safe for her future children. I love that she's so charismatic and engaging all throughout the event.
Cristalle explained how a baby's skin is very permeable. This means that more particles can pass through a baby's skin compared to an adult's. So imagine how much toxic substance enters through our baby's skin when we're not careful with the products that we use. This is why it pays to read the labels and make sure there are no harmful ingredients in the products that our kids use.
Belo Baby's product line only has 100% natural ingredients. The products contain Cocoa Butter which has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to protect our baby’s skin from the harsh environment. They also contain Shea Butter which is known as a superfood for the skin. Shea Butter naturally heals common skin conditions like eczema and rash. Finally, they also have Sweet Almond Oil which is a natural emollient to lock moisture into the skin.
Belo Baby were not only cautious about the ingredients that go into their products, they were also very meticulous in reviewing which ingredients to leave out. They made sure that the products do not contain Parabens.  While Parabens are preservatives used to extend the shelf life of food and cosmetics by preventing mold and bacteria growth, they have also been linked to cancer and other skin disorders. They also left out Sulfates which strip the skin of its natural oils. Phthalates, which is a common ingredient in lotions was also taken out. This is because Phthalates is a chemical ingredient that is intended to soften plastics. Finally, they also made sure there will be no Tetrasodium EDTA. This ingredient is a preservative made from formaldehyde which breaks down the skin's protective barrier.

During the event, they also introduced Belo Baby's Mombassadors: Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles, and Patty Laurel-Filart.

I am currently road testing the products and will share my review in about two weeks. But if you cannot wait any longer, you may do your own review and purchase Belo Baby products at your favorite supermarkets, groceries and department stores. They are also available online through Lazada, Cudsly, and Zalora.

Belo Baby is indeed crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms.

Learn more about the new Belo Baby Line through their website and Facebook page . Follow them on Twitter and Instagram with handle @belobabylove.

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