10 Creative Recipes Using Just An Egg

Every Sunday is a cookfest in our home.  Since the start of the year, Dennis and I have created a new tradition with our children. The men and the ladies would alternately cook breakfast every Sunday morning. This means that one some Sundays, Dens and my 8-year old son would wake up extra early on Sundays to prepare breakfast for the family. On other Sundays, my 5-year old daughter and me would do it.  Three months or 12 Sundays later, I am running out of ideas.
So the past week I did a little research and found a video that is just what I'm looking for. 10 ways to cook an egg! I love cooking eggs for breakfast because it's (1) nutritious, (2) almost always available at home, (3) easy to cook most of the time.
Check out this fun video.  Forgive the coarse language and enjoy!

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