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Once in a while, I like to daydream some nonsensical 'what ifs'.  For example, I imagine what I will buy if I am being forced to spend a million dollars on something that's not a necessity (like food, shelter, tuition).  I know it's not likely to happen - kaya nga daydream lang.  In one of those random thoughts, I asked myself what brands I would shortlist should I need to decide to use all of those million dollars on just a handful of stores. Well, Caudalie is definitely one of them.
I have loved Caudalie for the past eight years and counting. I've written about my love story with Caudalie here , here , and here. Most of the products I have mentioned in my previous post are still part of my daily routine. I switch the night and eye creams once in a while as new product lines are launched by Caudalie.
My current choice during this season of stress and pollution, is the Caudalie Polyphenol C5 collection.
Free radicals are the main causes of skin ageing. They are generated by light, pollution, smoke... They attack our cells and trigger premature ageing. The same free radicals make our cars go rusty and turn fruits brown. They are responsible for 4 out of 5 wrinkles. - Caudalie website
Caudalie discovered that the polyphenols found in grape seeds contain the most powerful plant-based anti-oxidant in the world. With that they have formulated a serum that will protect our skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.
Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum
I used the Anti Wrinkle Defense Serum every morning under my Shiseido sunblock.  It is oil-free and absorbs quite fast. The serum is very concentrated with anti-oxidants that are said to stop fine lines from forming into wrinkles. I imagine it as my skin's shield from the daily aggressors of the environment.
At night, I use the Overnight Detox Oil.  It claims to detoxify and renew your skin while you sleep. I don't know about you but that sounds really beneficial to me. I only use 6 drops of the oil, and gently spread it around my face and neck before bed. And that's it. I don't have any other regimen after that. 
 Overnight Detox Oil           
This dry oil helps to renew and protect your overtired skin while you sleep. Skin is detoxified and the complexion is revitalized. A cocktail of 5 essential oils and 3 vegetal oils, this 100% plant-based formula promotes cellular renewal and toxin elimination. On waking, skin is replenished and renewed.

I asked the Caudalie service center and was told not to use the Detox and the Serum over each other. Both of them are highly concentrated and must be used separately. This is why I decided to use the Detox Oil at night and the Serum during the day my skin's first line of defense.
I have been very happy with the Polyphenol C5 collection but am also tempted to try the newly launched Resveratrol Lift. We'll see. Maybe once my Detox Oil bottle is empty, I will test the new collection and see if it also works well for my skin. I am quite optimistic as I have not encountered a Caudalie collection I did not like.
Caudalie is not yet available locally in the Philippines but you may order online from

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