Zenutrients: Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

I have always been on the quest for hair products that address my two hair problems: Perennial hair loss and dry hair. I have often found good products that promises one or the other but never both.  Now here's where it gets a little bit more challenging.  On top of these two requirements, I also need the product to only contain organic ingredients. 
I think the search is finally over. I'd like to introduce you to my current hair addiction - Zenutrients' Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner. I have used it for six months already and I am officially a fan.
I recently finished my 250ml bottle and just bought a 1000ml bottle to refill. Getting the larger bottle is a lot more economical but I might also get a 500ml soon as that comes with a handy pump.

The shampoo is quite watery but it lathers pretty well. Don't skip the conditioner because that's the secret to softer hair.
Zenutrients has recently sent me the Gugo Strengthening Hair Serum.  This is the latest addition to their growing Gugo line. This is a more potent serum that can be left on the hair overnight so it works while you sleep. The instructions say that you may also use it as a leave-on but I've yet to see how that works on my hair.
The serum contains Gugo extract, Jeju Aloe Vera, Green Tea extract, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils. I particularly enjoy massaging the serum on my scalp before going to bed as the Tea Treet and Eucalyptus oils make my head feels cool and minty.  Very refreshing after a long and busy day.
I've only started using it for a few days so I've yet to see the effects of the serum. But if it's anything like the shampoo and conditioner, then I've high hopes that it will do its magic on my hair.

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