Mothers Who Brunch: Holiday Potluck

Christmas is just around the corner. Our family's schedule is slowing being filled with parties and get together with relatives and friends. To avoid putting the burden of food preparation solely on one person, the more popular thing to do among my circle of friends is to have potluck.  That is usually a great idea...if you know how to cook!  For non-kitchen savvy people like me, I usually default to my list of food to order. It's not as exciting as bringing your own dish but sometimes it will have to do. So for Christmas this year, I am determined to learn.
A few weeks ago, I attended my first Christmas party for 2015. The invite says "potluck" but I did not need to bring anything.  Instead, we were to learn how to prepare a couple of easy potluck dishes in time for the holiday season.  Oh, the joy.  Aside from the fact that Michelle (of MommaInManila) is one of the most gracious hosts I know, I was also excited to jumpstart this year's personal kitchen challenge. And so that was how I found myself driving along SkyWay towards the south of Manila one early Saturday morning.

The event started with a beautiful ham and cheese spread, the highlight of which was the truffle honey. It was just amazing. I wanted to pour the truffle honey over everything on my plate. I am not exaggerating. I really wanted to. I will schedule that visit to Santi's very soon to get my own jar.
While waiting for the program to start, the servers went around serving champagne and this fantastic Jalapeno Beef Fingers by NawwTy's Kitchen . I do not fancy spicy food but this one was too good to miss. The hint of spice was just enough for me. The pesto spread made it even more spectacular. Just talking about it now made me crave for it again. I will need to order this soon. 
Our awesome server. I forgot to get his name but it's worth mentioning that he was very cheerful all throughout the event. He happily asked us if we needed our drinks refilled and came back again and again to serve more food. I love people who love their jobs! Kudos to NawwTy's Kitchen for your very professional staff.
We spent a lot of time eating, drinking and being merry. The Viking Showroom in Alabang is such a beautiful place.  It is built to look like a two-story house with a living room, kitchen and small dining area. It felt like a holiday party at a friend's house.
Then Michelle and Sabrina (of Sinfully Sabrina) began their cooking demonstration in the beautiful Viking Kitchen.

 And true to a all blogger events, there were a lot of photo coverage.
This is a sneak peak of Tin (of ManilaFashionObserver) doing her thing. The magic that happens behind the lenses. 
Then Mish talked about the beauty of the Viking Kitchen. Apparently, Viking, a US brand, is already known to a lot of commercial establishments for years. It first introduced their kitchen range for personal use in 1987, making housewives and foodies feel like professional chefs in their own homes.

Check out this double-door refrigeration system. Freezer on the left and refrigerator on the right. I particularly like how the freezer shelves do not go too deep so that all your food items are visible when you open the door. Nothing gets hidden at the back. Check out more of their product line in
Many oohs and aahs later from our Viking Kitchen tour, brunch was served.  The food was nothing short of amazing.  We had Apple and Sausage stuffed Turkey, Crab Fat Paella, Prawn Salad and so much more. Our brunch was courtesy of NawwTy's Kitchen.  They can do full-service catering or food delivery for your events. Last year they had to make 16 turkeys in one day to fulfill the orders for Thanksgiving. So make sure you order early so that they can still accomodate you.  

This is the part where I will let the photos do the talking.
Now the eye-candy does not end there. Let's move on to the dessert spread prepared by The Flour Girl .  The dessert table doubled as the living room centerpiece. They were that pretty! They were almost too beautiful to eat!  
Now here are more photos courtesy of our event photographer that day, Jay Santos ,who also did portrait shots of each guest. That was a such a classy and wonderful alternative to the usual photo booths.  Made us feel like models for a day.
Here is Michelle of MommaInManila, Trish of NawwTy's Kitchen, Dara of  Collab Contessa, and Sabrina of Sinfully Sabrina
They raffled off some prizes at the end of the event and I won this beautiful handcrafted bracelet made by Rica of Rich Earth Jewelry. Check out her Instagram account @richearthjewelry
Nobody left empty-handed. I had to ask the manong to help me carry all the things we got to bring home to my car.
Thank you once again, Mish and Sabrina, for inviting me. It was one of the best holiday parties I have ever attended.  Surely felt like Christmas in November.

The Viking Showroom is located at Unit 205,
Westgate Commercial Center, Filinvest City,
Muntinlupa, Metro Manila.
For information, call 828-1363.

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