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About a week ago, my beloved iPhone 4s got stolen. Yes, I know it is old and i've used up most of its tiny16gb memory but i loved it nonetheless. It has been my constant companion through long flights, sleepless nights, and has been the quickest solution to a restless toddler in the car.  So now that it's gone, i am left with no choice but to purchase a new phone.  It's time to celebrate move on.

The past days has been an endless discussion with my husband on where to purchase the currently coveted iPhone 6.  I've searched high and low, near and far for the best deal.  The constant comparison between a lower-priced unit from a semi-dubious seller vs. a higher-priced one from a legitimate source online has been a constant battle. 

Last week, i was introduced to the Union Bank Platinum MasterCard that provides instant 1.5%
rebate on all of your purchases. I immediately thought of my iPhone and realized i can get it from the legitimate source online with around P600 rebate.  It's like purchasing the unit at a discount.  Not a bad deal, right?

While other card companies provide 3% to 6% rebates, they are usually limited to either gas or groceries and have a rebate limit (usually P1,000) per month.  The Union Bank card has no categories and no caps. 

Imagine this. If you need to pay insurance premium of P500,000 this year, that's instantly P7,500 cash back for you.  No need to file receipts or remember to to redeem rewards before they expire. With this card, you get cash back instantly. JUST.LIKE.THAT.

This is the best card for parents like us who don't want too many rules on rewards. Earn your money back without hassle. Convinced? Call Union Bank now and apply for your own card.

To apply, LIKE then send a PRIVATE message with the following information:

  • Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Specify that they are interested in the Unionbank Cashback Mastercard

or fill in the application form online at

Ps. By the way, did i tell you that the Union Bank Platinum MasterCard gives you free access to the Club Manila Lounge located at the NAIA Terminal 1? Yay to all travelers. This alone could have won me over!


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