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I want to start this post by telling you two true stories.

Story 1: The mom had two little girls. One was four and the other was 3. One day, the 3-year old came home from school with a fever. The parents treated her with the usual care until she got well and went back to school. A few days later, their 4-year old daughter came home from school with a fever too! Immediately assuming that she was just infected by the same virus as her sister, the parents were not initially alarmed. But days and nights passed and the fever did not subside. They brought her to the hospital for tests only to find out it was Dengue. Unfortunately, they were already too late. They lost their little girl.

Story 2: She was a tough woman that was highly respected in the corporate world. She was smart and organized and did things systematically. On top of her blossoming career, she was also a mom to a little boy. She was well aware of the dangers of Dengue so she took no chances. She asked the yaya to diligently put insect repellent on her little boy several times a everyday. Years later, the boy developed some blood disorder. After some tests, they discovered DEET in his blood. He had such an increased level of DEET toxicity in his blood from overuse of insect repellent as a child. The boy did not survive.

Stories like the ones above can scare any mom. The first story probably made you want to run to the nearest grocery store and purchase all the insect repellents available. But the second story probably stopped you in your tracks and made you more selective in your purchase.

All of us are so afraid of Dengue.  With all the horror stories out there, we have every right to be.  Two weeks ago, i was invited to a launch of Cycles Sensitive where they invited Dra. Donna Marie Leelin-Sarrosa, who is one of the few Pediatric Dermatologists in the country, to give a talk. Among other things, i learned that not all insect repellents are created equal.
In the past, I used to think that Citronella Oil is my best mosquito-fighting option. This can still be true but i realized that with the above information, I have not been protecting my kids enough! Unless you know that they will only be exposed to mosquitoes for 20 to 30 minutes, that Citronella Oil might just not make the cut.  Products with DEET will obviously win in the duration factor but after hearing about the dangers of frequent usage of DEET, i am honestly quite averse to using them on my kids. Leamon Eucalyptus Oil is not a bad option with 2 to 5 hours coverage but Picaridin wins with 6 to 8 hours of protection!

I did my own research on Picaridin and found that it's a synthetic compound developed from a plant extract from the genus Piper, the same plant genus that produces table pepper.  If you're still concerned about it's absorption, it is comforting to know that only 6% of the Picaridin applied to the skin is absorbed. It is also easily broken down by our bodies and any amount absorbed will be excreted through urine within the same day.

The good news is that Cycles Sensitive has a line of Insect Repellents that are safe yet effective for the whole family!
Cheska Garcia Kramer as Cycles' endorser with her baby Gavin
Cycles Sensitive Natural Insect Repellent (can be used from birth up) and Non-Deet Insect Repellent (for babies 6 months and up)

For protection of the face, you can just put a patch near the collar area
5 Things you need to know about insect repellents:
1. Do not apply on the face directly
2. Do not saturate the skin
3. Apply only to exposed skin and clothing
4. Frequent reapplication is rarely necessary (see above chart for duration)
5. Do not leave insect repellents overnight

Cycles is available in most leading department stores and supermarket chains. Check out the link below for the complete listing -

Okay, now that we're armed with the right information, it's time to run to the nearest store and purchase our own Cycles Sensitive Insect Repellents. Ready? Get set! Go!

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